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Custom Works

Custom Signs

4: high letters made for Raven Rock Retreat in Pa. for the different cabins

available  Send an e-mail and request one made to your liking.

Meat and Cheese Serving Board Edges of Black Walnut, Redheart and Maple striping, with Cherry center wood. 11"x14" $45.00

Cutting Board

Maple with Spanish Cedar and Barnwood Center. Slotted on 3 sides for juice collection. Rubber feet.

12"x16"x1" thick  $65.00

Meat and Cheese Serving Board

Black Walnut center, Maple stripes with Mahogany accents, and Black Walnut. 11"x14" $45.00

Meat and Cheese Serving Board 

Purple Heart center with White Ash sides, Mahogany accents and Black Walnut edges

11"x14" $45.00

Sandwich Serving Boards

Custom made for "The Wicked Kitchen" in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Stop by for a one of a kind burger served on these trays.

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